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calcium salt +     
ammonium magnesium phosphate +  
ammonium phosphate sulfate 
calcium acetate +  
calcium carbonate +   
calcium chloride dihydrate 
calcium chloride hexahydrate 
calcium cyanamide 
calcium dibromide 
calcium dichloride +   
calcium difluoride +  
calcium glucoheptonate 
calcium glycerophosphate 
calcium hydrogenphosphate dihydrate 
Calcium hypochlorite 
calcium nitrate +  
calcium nitrate tetrahydrate 
calcium phosphate +   
A calcium salt composed of calcium and phosphate/diphosphate ions; present in milk and used for the mineralisation of calcified tissues.
calcium sulfate +  
calcium sulfate dihydrate +  
calcium sulfate hemihydrate 
calcium titanate 
diammonium hydrogen phosphate +  
dipotassium hydrogen phosphate 
fenoprofen calcium (anhydrous) +  
iron(3+) phosphate +  
pitavastatin calcium 
potassium dihydrogen phosphate 
potassium metaphosphate 
sodium fluorophosphate 
sodium phosphate +   
uranyl hydrogenphosphate 

Xrefs: DrugBank:DBSALT002430
Xref Mesh: MESH:C020243
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Calcium_phosphate

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