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EC 3.1.* (ester hydrolase) inhibitor +   
A hydrolase inhibitor that interferes with the action of any ester hydrolase (EC 3.1.*.*).
EC 3.10.* (hydrolases acting on S-N bonds) inhibitor 
EC 3.11.* (hydrolases acting on C-P bonds) inhibitor +   
EC 3.12.* (hydrolases acting on S-S bonds) inhibitor 
EC 3.13.* (hydrolases acting on C-S bonds) inhibitor 
EC 3.2.* (glycosylase) inhibitor +   
EC 3.3.* (ether hydrolase) inhibitor +  
EC 3.4.* (hydrolases acting on peptide bond) inhibitor +   
EC 3.5.* (hydrolases acting on non-peptide C-N bonds) inhibitor +   
EC 3.6.* (hydrolases acting on acid anhydrides) inhibitor +   
EC 3.7.* (hydrolases acting on C-C bonds) inhibitor 
EC 3.8.* (hydrolases acting on halide bonds) inhibitor 
EC 3.9.* (hydrolases acting on P-N bonds) inhibitor 

Related Synonyms: EC 3.1.* (ester hydrolase) inhibitors ;   EC 3.1.* inhibitor ;   EC 3.1.* inhibitors ;   ester hydrolase inhibitor ;   ester hydrolase inhibitors

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