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histidino-hydroxylysinoleucine cross-link (CHEBI:64751)
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dehydro-hydroxylysino-norleucine cross-link 
dehydro-lysinonorleucine cross-link 
histidino-hydroxylysinoleucine cross-link 
A collagen cross-link formed by spontaneous reaction of a dehydro-hydroxylysino-norleucine cross-link (deH-HLNL; CHEBI:64732) with a histidine residue.
hydroxylysino-5-ketonorleucine cross-link 
hydroxylysyl-pyridinoline cross-link 
hydroxylysyl-pyrrole cross-link 
lysino-5-ketonorleucine cross-link 
lysyl-pyridinoline cross-link 
lysyl-pyrrole cross-link 
S-hydroxylysino-methionine cross-link 

Related Synonyms: Formula=C18H26N6O4 ;   HHL ;   SMILES=C([C@@H](C(*)=O)N*)CC(CNC(CCC[C@@H](C(*)=O)N*)C1=NC(C[C@@H](C(=O)*)N*)=CN1)O
Xrefs: PMID:9883973

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