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lithium salt +     
acetaldehyde +   
Alexa Fluor 480 
Alexa Fluor 488 +  
ammonium nitrate +   
ammonium nitrate phosphate 
ammonium persulfate 
cadmium nitrate +   
cadmium nitrate tetrahydrate 
calcium nitrate +  
calcium nitrate tetrahydrate 
chromate(2-) +   
chromic acid +  
chromium trinitrate +   
chromium trinitrate heptahydrate 
cobalt dinitrate +  
cobalt dinitrate hexahydrate 
cobalt trinitrate 
copper(II) nitrate  
cumene hydroperoxide  
dioxygen +   
hydrogen peroxide +   
hypothiocyanous acid 
lead nitrate  
lead tetraacetate  
lithium bromide 
lithium carbonate  
lithium chloride  
lithium citrate (anhydrous) +  
lithium nitrate 
The inorganic nitrate salt of lithium.
lithium nitride 
lithium tetrahydroaluminate 
magnesium nitrate 
nitryl chloride 
osmium tetroxide 
potassium chromate  
potassium dichromate  
potassium nitrate  
silver(1+) nitrate  
sodium bromate  
sodium chlorite 
sodium chromate  
sodium nitrate  
sodium periodate 
tert-butyl hydroperoxide  
urea hydrogen peroxide 

Related Synonyms: Formula=LiNO3 ;   InChI=1S/Li.NO3/c;2-1(3)4/q+1;-1 ;   InChIKey=IIPYXGDZVMZOAP-UHFFFAOYSA-N ;   LiNO3 ;   Nitric acid, lithium salt ;   Nitric acid, lithium salt (1:1) ;   SMILES=[Li+].[O-][N+]([O-])=O
Xrefs: CAS:7790-69-4 ;   PMID:21103585 ;   Reaxys:15950616 ;   Reaxys:16824822 ;   Wikipedia:Lithium_nitrate

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