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acetate salt +     
astringent +   
(2S)-2-Ethylhexyl acetate 
1-dodecylguanidine acetate 
aluminium sulfate +   
ammonium acetate  
bismuth subgallate 
boric acid +   
calcium dihydroxide  
caspofungin acetate 
ceftaroline fosamil acetate +  
cetrorelix acetate 
cobalt(II) acetate  
desmopressin acetate (anhydrous) +  
dichloroacetic acid +   
elemental zinc +   
fast blue salt B 
flecainide acetate 
formic acid +   
gallic acid +   
histrelin acetate 
icatibant acetate 
iodic acid +  
iron trichloride +   
iron trichloride hexahydrate 
iron(3+) sulfate +   
iron(3+) sulfate hydrate 
L-arginyl-L-glutamic acid monoacetate 
lead tetraacetate  
leuprolide acetate 
lithium acetate 
peginesatide acetate 
potassium aluminium sulfate +  
potassium aluminium sulfate dodecahydrate 
praseodymium acetate 
saxitoxin acetate 
silver(1+) nitrate  
sodium formate 
sodium gallate 
tannin +   
thallium(I) acetate  
tris acetate 
zinc acetate  
An acetate salt in which the cationic component is zinc(2+).
zinc coordination entity +   
zinc dibutyldithiocarbamate +  
zinc dichloride +   
zinc diethyldithiocarbamate +  
zinc oxide +   
zinc sulfate +   

Related Synonyms: Acetic acid, zinc salt (2:1) ;   Acetic acid, zinc(II) salt ;   Dicarbomethoxyzinc ;   Formula=C4H6O4Zn ;   InChI=1S/2C2H4O2.Zn/c2*1-2(3)4;/h2*1H3,(H,3,4);/q;;+2/p-2 ;   InChIKey=DJWUNCQRNNEAKC-UHFFFAOYSA-L ;   SMILES=[Zn++].CC([O-])=O.CC([O-])=O ;   Zinc acetate anhydrous ;   Zinc di(acetate) ;   Zinc(II) acetate ;   Zn(II)Ac2 ;   Zn(OAc)2 ;   acetic acid, zinc salt ;   zinc diacetate
Xrefs: CAS:557-34-6
Xref Mesh: MESH:D019345
Xrefs: PMID:20634118 ;   PMID:21109379 ;   PMID:21381680 ;   Reaxys:3563830

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