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nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide nanotube (CHEBI:52519)
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nanotube +     
aluminium nitride nanotube 
boron nitride nanotube 
boron-carbon-nitrogen nanotube 
boron-doped carbon nanotube 
carbon nanotube +   
copper(2+) sulfide nanotube 
helical rosette nanotube 
molybdenum disulfide nanotube 
nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube 
nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide nanotube 
A titanium dioxide nanotube in which a small percentage of oxygen atoms have been replaced by nitrogen atoms.
silicon nanotube 
tin disulfide nanotube 
titanate nanotube +  
titanium dioxide nanotube 
tungsten disulfide nanotube 
zinc oxide nanotube 

Related Synonyms: N-doped TiO2 nanotube ;   N-doped titania nanotube ;   N-doped titanium dioxide nanotube ;   TiO2-xNx nanotube ;   nitrogen-doped TiO2 nanotube ;   nitrogen-doped titania nanotube

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