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poison +     
allergen +   
ammonium molybdate 
brilliant green  
brilliant green cation +   
carcinogenic agent +   
cardiotoxic agent +  
disodium hydrogenarsenate +  
disodium hydrogenarsenate heptahydrate 
genotoxin +   
hepatotoxic agent +   
hydrogen cyanide +   
methylarsonous acid 
nephrotoxic agent +   
nephrotoxin +   
neurotoxin +   
A poison that interferes with the functions of the nervous system.
osmium tetroxide 
potassium fluoride 
sensitiser +   
Sirius red 4B 
Sirius red 4B (acid form) 
sodium arsenate  
sodium chromate  
sodium molybdate (anhydrous) +   
sodium molybdate dihydrate 
sodium molybdate heptahydrate 
sodium molybdate tetrahydrate 
sodium nitrite  
sodium oxalate 
sodium selenide  
teratogenic agent +   
toxin +   

Related Synonyms: agente neurotoxico ;   nerve poison ;   nerve poisons ;   neurotoxic agent ;   neurotoxic agents ;   neurotoxicant ;   neurotoxins
Alternate IDs: CHEBI:50911
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Neurotoxin

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