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inorganic chloride +     
lithium salt +     
Alexa Fluor 480 
Alexa Fluor 488 +  
ammonia dichloroplatinum(2+) 
ammonium chloride  
antimony trichloride  
barium chloride +   
barium chloride dihydrate 
beryllium dichloride  
caesium chloride  
calcium chloride dihydrate 
calcium chloride hexahydrate 
calcium dichloride +   
carbamazepine +   
cobalt dichloride +   
copper(I) chloride  
copper(II) chloride +   
iron dichloride tetrahydrate 
iron trichloride hexahydrate 
lead(II) chloride  
lithium bromide 
lithium carbonate  
lithium chloride  
A metal chloride salt with a Li(+) counterion.
lithium citrate (anhydrous) +  
lithium nitrate 
lithium nitride 
lithium tetrahydroaluminate 
magnesium dichloride +   
magnesium dichloride dihydrate 
magnesium dichloride hexahydrate 
magnesium dichloride monohydrate 
manganese(II) chloride +   
manganese(II) chloride dihydrate 
manganese(II) chloride tetrahydrate 
mercuric amidochloride 
potassium chloride  
rubidium chloride 
silver monochloride  
sodium chloride +   
strontium dichloride +   
thallium monochloride +  
tin(II) chloride (anhydrous) +   
valproate +   
valproate semisodium 
valproic acid +   
ytterbium(III) chloride 
yttrium chloride 
zinc dichloride +   
zirconium tetrachloride 

Related Synonyms: Formula=ClLi ;   InChI=1S/ClH.Li/h1H;/q;+1/p-1 ;   InChIKey=KWGKDLIKAYFUFQ-UHFFFAOYSA-M ;   LiCl ;   Lithiumchlorid ;   SMILES=[Li+].[Cl-] ;   chlorure de lithium ;   cloruro de litio ;   lithii chloridum
Xrefs: CAS:7447-41-8
Xref Mesh: MESH:D018021

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