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amidyl group 
arsonato group 
azanediidyl group 
azanidylidene group 
boranuidyl group 
diphosphate group(3-) 
disulfanidyl group 
genistein 4',7-disulfate(2-) 
organosulfonate oxoanion +   
oxido group 
phosphate group(2-) 
phosphonato group 
sulfido group 
sulfonato group 
triphosphate group(4-) 

Exact Synonyms: oxidodioxo-lambda(6)-sulfanyl ;   sulfonato
Related Synonyms: -S(O)2(O(-)) ;   Formula=O3S ;   SMILES=S(=O)([O-])(*)=O ;   SULFONATE GROUP
Alternate IDs: CHEBI:29921 ;   CHEBI:45532
Xrefs: PDBeChem:SO3

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