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organic salt +     
sodium salt +     
1-(2-oxo-2-phenylethyl)tetrahydrothiophenium 4-oxo-1-adamantyloxycarbonyldifluoromethanesulfonate 
acetate salt +   
acetylide +  
aspartate salt +  
benethamine salt +  
benzathine(2+) salt +  
benzoate salt +  
bile acid salt +   
citrate salt +   
clemizole(1+) salt +  
diclofenac epolamine 
dithiocarbamate salt +   
fumarate salt +   
guanidine acetate 
guanidinium salt +  
hydrabamine salt +  
iminium salt +  
inorganic sodium salt +   
lactate salt +  
Lactyltrimethylammonium betaine 
malate salt +  
maleate salt +   
N-acetylglycinate salt +   
organic aluminium salt 
organic ammonium salt +  
organic antimony salt 
organic arsenic salt 
organic barium salt +  
organic bismuth salt 
organic boron salt 
organic cadmium salt 
organic caesium salt +  
organic calcium salt +   
organic chromium salt 
organic cobalt salt 
organic copper salt 
organic fluoride salt 
organic halide salt +   
organic hydrogensulfate salt +   
organic iodine salt 
organic iron salt 
organic lanthanum salt 
organic lead salt 
organic lithium salt +   
organic magnesium salt +   
organic manganese salt 
organic mercury salt 
organic methylmercury compound salt 
organic molybdenum salt 
organic nickel salt 
organic phosphate salt 
organic potassium salt +   
organic rubidium salt 
organic selenium salt 
organic sodium salt +   
organic strontium salt 
organic sulfate salt +   
organic tetrachlorozincate salt +  
organic tetrafluoroborate salt +  
organic tin salt 
organic titanium salt 
organic vanadium salt 
organic zinc salt 
organosulfonate salt +   
oxalate salt +  
penicillinate salt +  
potassium hydrogencarbonate 
procaine(1+) salt +  
pyridinium salt +   
pyrylium salt 
sodium cyanide  
sodium succinate (anhydrous) +  
squarates +  
succinate salt +  
tartrate salt +   
thionine acetate 
triphenylacetate salt +  
triphenylsulfonium 4-hydroxy-1-adamantyloxycarbonyldifluoromethanesulfonate 
triphenylsulfonium 4-oxo-1-adamantyloxycarbonyldifluoromethanesulfonate 
urate salt 
 bile salt +   
 methyl blue +  
 sodium acetate +   
 sodium benzoate +   
 sodium citrate +   
 water blue +  

Related Synonyms: organic sodium salts

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