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sulfur atom +     
sulfur molecular entity +   
sulfur-32 atom 
sulfur-33 atom 
sulfur-34 atom 
sulfur-35 atom 
The radioactive isotope of sulfur with relative atomic mass 34.9690322 and nuclear spin (3)/2. The longest-lived sulfur radionuclide with half-life of 87.5 days.
sulfur-36 atom 
sulfur-37 atom 
sulfur-38 atom 

Related Synonyms: (35)16S ;   (35)S ;   Formula=[35S] ;   InChI=1S/S/i1+3 ;   InChIKey=NINIDFKCEFEMDL-AKLPVKDBSA-N ;   SMILES=[35S] ;   sulfur, isotope of mass 35 ;   sulfur-35 ;   sulphur-35
Xrefs: CAS:15117-53-0

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