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cyclic compound +     
antiaromatic compound 
aromatic compound +   
bicyclic compound +   
cyclic AMP-AMP-GMP(3-) 
cyclic pyrimidine dinucleotide +  
heterocyclic compound +   
homocyclic compound +   
macrocycle +   
monocyclic compound +   
organic cyclic compound +   
polycyclic compound +   
ring assembly +   
Two or more cyclic systems (single rings or fused systems) which are directly joined to each other by double or single bonds are named ring assemblies when the number of such direct ring junctions is one less than the number of cyclic systems involved.
 amentoflavone +   
 bibenzimidazole +   
 biindole +   
 biphenyls +   
 bipyridines +   
 bisoxazole +  
 elbasvir +  
 fulvalenes +  
 terpyridines +  
 terthiophene +   
 trametinib +   
 velpatasvir +  
 vinorelbine +   

Exact Synonyms: ring assemblies

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