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carbohydrate +     
alditol +   
apulose +  
carbohydrate acid +   
carbohydrate derivative +   
D-apiofuranose +  
deoxy sugar +   
monosaccharide +   
Parent monosaccharides are polyhydroxy aldehydes H[CH(OH)]nC(=O)H or polyhydroxy ketones H-[CHOH]n-C(=O)[CHOH]m-H with three or more carbon atoms. The generic term 'monosaccharide' (as opposed to oligosaccharide or polysaccharide) denotes a single unit, without glycosidic connection to other such units. It includes aldoses, dialdoses, aldoketoses, ketoses and diketoses, as well as deoxy sugars, provided that the parent compound has a (potential) carbonyl group.
nucleoside +   
oligosaccharide +   
polygalacturonide +  
polysaccharide +   

Exact Synonyms: monosaccharides
Related Synonyms: Monosaccharid ;   Monosacharid ;   monosacarido ;   monosacaridos
Alternate IDs: CHEBI:25407 ;   CHEBI:6984
Xrefs: KEGG:C06698

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