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cyclic compound +     
antiaromatic compound 
aromatic compound +   
A cyclically conjugated molecular entity with a stability (due to delocalization) significantly greater than that of a hypothetical localized structure (e.g. Kekule structure) is said to possess aromatic character.
bicyclic compound +   
cyclic A(3'-5')pA(3'-5')pA(3'-5')p(3-) 
cyclic AMP-AMP-GMP(3-) 
cyclic pyrimidine dinucleotide +  
heterocyclic compound +   
homocyclic compound +   
macrocycle +   
monocyclic compound +   
organic cyclic compound +   
polycyclic compound +   
ring assembly +   
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Exact Synonyms: aromatic compounds ;   aromatic molecular entity
Related Synonyms: aromatics ;   aromatische Verbindungen

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