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(Z)-S-1-Propenyl methanesulfinothioate 
(Z)-S-Methyl 1-propenesulfinothioate 
acetoxysulfonic acid +  
organosulfonic ester +   
R-1-Propenyl 1-propanesulfinothioate 
R-Propyl 1-propenesulfinothioate 
S-2-Propenyl 1-propanesulfinothioate 
S-2-Propenyl methanesulfinothioate 
S-Ethyl ethanesulfinothioate 
S-Methyl 2-propene-1-sulfinothioate 
S-Propyl 2-propene-1-sulfinothioate 
sulfenic acid derivative +  
sulfinic acid derivative +   
sulfo group +   
sulfonate ester +  
sulfonic acid derivative +   
sulfuric acid derivative +   
sulfurous acid derivative +   
thiosulfuric acid derivative +  
 sulfamic acids +   
 sulfamidate +   
 sulfonamide +   

Related Synonyms: derivatives of sulfonic acid ;   sulfonic acid derivatives

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