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cadmium atom +   
copernicium atom +  
A zinc group element atom with a symbol Cn and atomic number 112. All its isotopes are intensely radioactive. Prior to its discovery, it had the placeholder name ununbium (in accordance with IUPAC recommendations). Following its discovery (in Darmstadt, 1996) and subsequent confirmation, the name copernicium was adopted in 2010.
mercury atom +   
zinc atom +   
zinc group molecular entity +   

Exact Synonyms: copernicium
Related Synonyms: 112Cn ;   112Cp ;   112Uub ;   Cn ;   Formula=Cn ;   InChI=1S/Cn ;   InChIKey=NOTIIDSZELDPOP-UHFFFAOYSA-N ;   SMILES=[Cn] ;   Uub ;   ununbium
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Copernicium

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