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elemental carbon +     
graphene +     
carbon black +  
carbon nanostructure +   
diatomic carbon +  
fullerene +   
graphene +   
graphene nanoparticle 
graphene oxide +   
graphite +   
An allotropic form of the element carbon consisting of layers of hexagonally arranged carbon atoms in a planar condensed ring system (graphene layers). The layers are stacked parallel to each other in a three-dimensional crystalline long-range order. There are two allotropic forms with different stacking arrangements, hexagonal and rhombohedral. The chemical bonds within the layers are covalent with sp(2) hybridization and with a C--C distance of 141.7 pm. The weak bonds between the layers are metallic with a strength comparable to van der Waals bonding only.
monoatomic carbon +  

Related Synonyms: Cn ;   Formula=C ;   Graphit ;   SMILES=*:c1c(:*)c2c(:*)c(:*)c3c(:*)c4c(:*)c(:*)c(:*)c5c(:*)c(:*)c6c(:*)c(c1:*)c2c3c6c45.*:c1c(:*)c2c(:*)c(:*)c3c(:*)c4c(:*)c(:*)c(:*)c5c(:*)c(:*)c6c(:*)c(c1:*)c2c3c6c45.*:c1c(:*)c2c(:*)c(:*)c3c(:*)c4c(:*)c(:*)c(:*)c5c(:*)c(:*)c6c(:*)c(c1:*)c2c3c6c45.*:c1c(:*)c2c(:*)c(:*)c3c(:*)c4c(:*)c(:*)c(:*)c5c(:*)c(:*)c6c(:*)c(c1:*)c2c3c6c45 ;   black lead ;   grafito ;   mineral carbon ;   plumbago
Xrefs: CAS:12751-41-6 ;   CAS:7782-42-5 ;   Gmelin:22250
Xref Mesh: MESH:D006108

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