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arene +   
hydrocarbyl group +     
adamantan-2-yl group 
alkenyl group +  
alkyl group +   
aryl beta-D-glucoside +   
aryl group +   
A group derived from an arene by removal of a hydrogen atom from a ring carbon atom.
Benzylalcohol alpha-isobutyl-2,4,6-trimethyl(1-mestyl-3-methyl-1-butanol) 
C60 fullerene group 
calixarene +   
cycloalkadienyl group +  
cycloalkatrienyl group +  
cycloalkenyl group +  
cycloalkyl group +  
Linalyl anthranilate 
methanidyl group 
monocyclic arene +   
polycyclic arene +   
prenyl groups +   
trityl group 
vinylarene +   

Exact Synonyms: aryl groups
Related Synonyms: Arylgruppe ;   groupe aryle ;   grupos arilo

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