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aminooxy group 
aminosulfanyl group 
aminosulfinyl group 
arsanyl group 
arsonato group 
arsonoyl group 
arsonoylidene group 
arsoryl group 
arsorylidene group 
arsorylidyne group 
aza group +  
azanediidyl group 
azanylidyne group 
azo group +   
binuclear copper ion 
boranuidyl group 
borono group 
boryl group +  
diazo group +  
diphosphate group +  
diselanyl group 
disulfanediyl group 
disulfanyl group 
ditellanyl group 
germanetetrayl group 
H group 
halo group +  
hydroperoxy group +   
hydroxy group +   
hydroxyamino group 
lambda(5)-arsanyl group 
lambda(5)-bismuthanylidene group 
lambda(5)-phosphanyl group 
nitro group +   
nitrooxy group 
nitroso group +   
nitrosooxy group 
oxo group +   
oxy group 
pentasulfanyl group 
peroxy group +   
phosphate group +  
phosphono group 
phosphoramidochloridoyl group 
S-aminosulfinimidoyl group 
S-aminosulfonimidoyl group 
S-aminosulfonodiimidoyl group 
selenono group +  
silanetetrayl group 
silyl group 
stiboryl group 
sulfanediyl group 
sulfinimidoyl group 
sulfinyl group +  
sulfo group +   
sulfonodithioyl group 
sulfonothioyl group 
sulfonyl group 
sulfonylbis(oxy) group 
tetrasulfanediyl group 
tetrasulfanyl group 
thiol group +   
trioxidanediyl group 
trioxidanyl group 
triphosphate group 
An inorganic group obtained by removal of one of the hydrogen atoms from triphosphoric acid.
trisulfanediyl group 
trisulfanyl group 

Exact Synonyms: (hydroxy{[hydroxy(phosphonooxy)phosphoryl]oxy}phosphoryl)oxy
Related Synonyms: -O-PO(OH)-O-PO(OH)-O-PO(OH)2 ;   Formula=H4O10P3 ;   SMILES=P(OP(O)(=O)O)(O)(=O)OP(=O)(O)O*
Cyclic Relationships: is_conjugate_acid_of CHEBI:68550

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