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alkyl group +     
tricosane +  
3-methylbutan-2-yl group 
alkanesulfonic acid +   
arachidyl group 
behenyl group 
butyl group 
ceryl group 
decyl group 
dodecyl group +  
ethyl group +  
henicosyl group 
heptacosyl group 
heptyl group 
hexyl group 
isobutyl group +   
isopentyl group 
isopropyl group +   
lignoceryl group 
margaryl group 
methyl group 
montanyl group 
myricyl group 
myristyl group 
neopentyl group 
nonacosyl group 
nonadecyl group 
nonyl group 
octyl group 
palmityl group +  
pentacosyl group 
pentadecyl group 
pentan-2-yl group 
pentan-3-yl group 
pentyl group 
propyl group 
sec-butyl group +  
stearyl group 
tert-butyl group 
tert-pentyl group 
tricosan-1-ol +  
tricosyl group 
tridecyl group 
undecyl group 

Exact Synonyms: tricosyl
Related Synonyms: CH3-[CH2]22- ;   Formula=C23H47 ;   tricosan-1-yl

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