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group +     
oxalic acid +   
(aminomethylidene)amino group 
1-tryptophano group +  
11beta,13-dihydro-8-deoxylactucin 15-oxalate 
11beta,13-dihydrolactucin 15-oxalate 
11beta,13-dihydrolactucopicrin 15-oxalate 
2-aminoethyl group 
2-hydroxyethyl group 
24G7 epitope +   
3-hydroxypropoxy group 
5-(3-carboxy-3-oxopropenyl)-4,6-dihydroxypyridine-2-carboxylic acid 
7,8-dihydro-8-oxoguanyl group 
8-deoxylactucin 15-oxalate 
[amino(hydroxy)methylidene]amino group 
acetamido group 
acetoacetyl group +  
acetohydrazonoyl group 
acetoxysulfonyl group 
acetylazanediyl group 
acetylimino group 
acetyloxy group 
acryloyl group 
adenin-9-yl group +  
allyl octadecyl oxalate 
allylidyne group 
alpha-D-Manp-(1->2)-alpha-D-Manp-(1->2)-alpha-D-Manp-(1->3)-[alpha-D-Manp-(1->6)]-beta-D-Manp-(1->4)-beta-D-GlcpNAc-(1->4)-beta-D-GlcpNAc-yl group 
alpha-D-Manp-(1->3)-[alpha-D-Manp-(1->3)-[alpha-D-Manp-(1->6)]-alpha-D-Manp-(1->6)]-beta-D-Manp-(1->4)-beta-D-GlcpNAc-(1->4)-beta-D-GlcpNAc-yl group 
alpha-linolenoyl group 
alumanyl group 
anilino group 
anionic group +  
anthracen-1-yl group 
anthracen-2-yl group 
arachidonyl group 
arsanediyl group 
arsanetriyl group 
arsanylidene group 
arsinoyl group 
azanediyl group 
azinoyl group 
azonoyl group 
benzamido group 
boranediyl group 
boranetriyl group 
boranylidene group 
boranylidyne group 
bromooxy group 
bromosyl group 
bromyl group 
carbonylidene group 
carboxyamino group 
cationic group +  
chlorooxy group 
chlorosyl group 
chloryl group 
collagen cross-link +  
cyclyl group +  
cystein-S-yl group +  
cysteino group +  
deoxyhypusinyl group 
dioxo-lambda(5)-bromanyloxy group 
dioxo-lambda(5)-chloranyloxy group 
dioxo-lambda(5)-iodanyloxy group 
disilanyl group 
disiloxane-1,3-diyl group 
disiloxanyl group 
dolichyl group 
epoxy group +  
ethene-1,2-diyl group 
fluorosyl group 
formimidoyl group 
functionalised copovidone group +  
gallanyl group 
gamma-linolenoyl group 
germanediyl group 
germanediylidene group 
germanetriyl group 
germanylylidene group 
germyl group 
germylidene group 
germylidyne group 
glyceroyl group 
hydrazine-1,2-diyl group 
hydrazinediylidene group 
hydrazino group 
hydrazinylidene group 
hydrido group 
imino group 
iminomethylidene group 
indiganyl group 
inorganic group +   
iodooxy group 
iodosyl group 
iodyl group 
isoleucino group +  
L-alpha-amino-gamma-oxalylaminobutyric acid 
lactucin 15-oxalate 
lactucopicrin 15-oxalate 
lambda(5)-stibanyl group 
leucino group +  
methanediylidene group 
methaneimidamido group 
methanetetrayl group 
methanetriyl group 
methanylylidene group 
Methyl oxalate 
methylamino group 
methylenecarbonyl group 
morpholin-4-ylsulfonyl group 
mu-hydrido group 
N(2)-arginino group +  
N(2)-asparagino group +  
N(2)-lysino group +  
N(5)-ornithino group +  
N(6)-lysino group +  
N(pros)-histidino group +  
N(tele)-histidino group +  
N-hydroxyacetimidoyl group 
N-succinyl-D-amino acid 
nitrogen group +   
organic group +   
oxalo group 
oxalooxy group 
oxalyl group 
oxamide +  
oxo-lambda(3)-bromanyloxy group 
oxo-lambda(3)-chloranyloxy group 
oxo-lambda(3)-iodanyloxy group 
oxybis(methylene) group 
perbromyl group 
perchloryl group 
periodyl group 
perylene skeleton +   
phosphanediyl group 
phosphanetriyl group 
phosphanyl group 
phosphanylidene group 
phosphatidyl group 
phosphonothioyl group 
phosphorothioyl group 
plumbanetriyl group 
plumbyl group 
plumbylidene group 
plumbylidyne group 
polyatomic entity +   
prolino group +   
pseudohalo group +   
salicyl group 
selenocyanato group 
selenocysteino group +  
selenol group +  
semicarbazido group 
serino group +  
silanediyl group 
silanediylidene group 
silanetriyl group 
silanylylidene group 
silylidene group 
silylidyne group 
stannanetriyl group 
stannyl group 
stannylidene group 
stannylidyne group 
sulfamoyl group 
sulfanediylbis(methylene) group 
sulfino group 
sulfinothioyl group 
sulfonyl groups +  
tauryl group 
tellanediyl group 
tellanyl group 
tellanylidene group 
thallanyl group 
thioxo group 
threonin-O(3)-yl group +  
thymin-1-yl group 
triflyl group 
trioxo-lambda(7)-bromanyloxy group 
trioxo-lambda(7)-chloranyloxy group 
trioxo-lambda(7)-iodanyloxy group 
tyrosin-O(4)-yl group +  
zwitterionic group +  

Exact Synonyms: oxalyl
Related Synonyms: -CO-CO- ;   Formula=C2O2 ;   SMILES=*C(=O)C(*)=O ;   dioxoethane-1,2-diyl ;   ethanedioyl

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