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cyclotriphosphoric acid 
diphosphonic acid 
An acyclic phosphorus acid anhydride that has formula H4O5P2.
diphosphoric acid +   
disulfanediylbis(phosphonic acid) 
hypodiphosphoric acid 
imidodiphosphoric acid +  
peroxydiphosphoric acid 
peroxyphosphoric acid 
phosphinic acid +  
phosphinous acid 
phospho(1-aminoethyl)(2-carboxypropyl)phosphinic acid 
phosphonic acid +   
phosphonothioic O,O-acid +  
phosphonous acid 
phosphoric acids +   
phosphorothioic acid +  
phosphorous acid +  
phosphorus oxoacid derivative +   
polyphosphoric acid 
triphosphoric acid +  

Exact Synonyms: mu-oxido-bis(hydridohydroxidooxidophosphorus)
Related Synonyms: Formula=H4O5P2 ;   H2P2H2O5 ;   InChI=1S/H4O5P2/c1-6(2)5-7(3)4/h6-7H,(H,1,2)(H,3,4) ;   InChIKey=XQRLCLUYWUNEEH-UHFFFAOYSA-N ;   SMILES=[H]P(O)(=O)OP([H])(O)=O ;   [(OH)P(H)(O)OP(H)(O)(OH)] ;   pyrophosphonic acid
Xrefs: CAS:36465-90-4 ;   Gmelin:82148
Cyclic Relationships: is_conjugate_acid_of CHEBI:33463

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