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terpenoid +     
tetraterpene +   
8-oxocitronellyl enol +  
adonixanthin 3-glucoside 
carotene +   
diterpenoid +   
geranylhydroquinone +  
ilicicolinate B 
meroterpenoid +   
monoterpenoid +   
polyterpenoid +  
sesquarterpenoid +   
sesquiterpenoid +   
sesterterpenoid +   
terpene alkaloid +   
terpene glycoside +   
terpene ketone +   
terpene lactone +   
terpenyl phosphate +   
tetraterpenoid +   
Any terpenoid derived from a tetraterpene. The term includes compounds in which the C40 skeleton of the parent tetraterpene has been rearranged or modified by the removal of one or more skeletal atoms (generally methyl groups).
trisporic acid 
triterpenoid +   
 carotenoid +   

Exact Synonyms: tetraterpenoids
Related Synonyms: C40 isoprenoids ;   tetraterpenoides
Xrefs: LIPID_MAPS_class:LMPR0107

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