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organophosphorus compound (CHEBI:25710)
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antibiotic antifungal agent +   
botanical anti-fungal agent +   
dodecyl(triphenyl)phosphonium +  
elemental phosphorus +   
organic heterocyclic compound +   
organoboron compound +   
organochalcogen compound +   
organohalogen compound +   
organonitrogen compound +   
organophosphorus compound +   
An organophosphorus compound is formally a compound containing at least one carbon-phosphorus bond, but the term is often extended to include esters and thioesters.
phosphenodiimidic amide 
phosphine +   
phosphine derivative +   
phosphoranes +  
phosphorus coordination entity +   
phosphorus hydride +   
phosphorus oxide +  
phosphorus oxoacids and derivatives +   
phosphorus oxoanion +   

Related Synonyms: organophosphorus compounds
Alternate IDs: MESH:D009943
Xref Mesh: MESH:D009943

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