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acetylide +  
elemental mercury +   
mercury coordination entity +   
organoaluminium compound 
organoberyllium compound 
organocadmium compound +  
organochromium compound +  
organocobalt compound 
organocopper compound 
organogold compound 
organoiridium compound +  
organoiron compound 
organolead compound +   
organolithium compound +  
organomagnesium compound +  
organomercury compound +   
A compound containing at least one carbon-mercury bond.
organonickel compound 
organopalladium compound 
organoplatinum compound 
organorhodium compound +  
organosilver compound 
organotin compound +   
organotitanium compound 
organozinc compound +  
organozirconium compound +  
Sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate 

Related Synonyms: organomercury compounds

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