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glycosyl compound +     
C-glycosyl compound +   
glycoside +   
A glycosyl compound resulting from the attachment of a glycosyl group to a non-acyl group RO-, RS-, RSe-, etc. The bond between the glycosyl group and the non-acyl group is called a glycosidic bond. By extension, the terms N-glycosides and C-glycosides are used as class names for glycosylamines and for compounds having a glycosyl group attached to a hydrocarbyl group respectively. These terms are misnomers and should not be used. The preferred terms are glycosylamines and C-glycosyl compounds, respectively.
N-glycosyl compound +   
S-glycosyl compound +   
 aminoglycoside +   
 ascaroside +  
 aureolic acid +   
 cellobioside +  
 deoxy hexoside +   
 gentiobioside +   
 glycoalkaloid +   
 hexosaminide +  
 hexoside +   
 pentoside +   
 saponin +   
 sophoroside +   
 sordarin +  
 spinosyn +   
 tomatine +  

Related Synonyms: O-glycoside ;   O-glycosides ;   glycosides

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