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glutamic semialdehyde (CHEBI:24313)
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aldehydic acid +     
(R)-3-hydroxy-4-oxobutanoic acid 
(S)-methylmalonaldehydic acid 
10-oxocapric acid 
12-oxododecanoic acid 
16-oxohexadecanoic acid 
2-formylbenzoic acid 
22-oxodocosanoic acid 
26-oxohexacosanoic acid 
3-oxopropanoic acid +  
5-formyl-2-furoic acid 
5-oxopentanoic acid +  
6-oxohexanoic acid 
9-oxononanoic acid +   
adipate semialdehyde +  
glutamic semialdehyde +  
An aldehydic acid derived from the formal reduction of one of the carboxy groups glutamic acid to a formyl group.
glyoxylic acid +   
L-aspartic 4-semialdehyde 
muconate semialdehyde +  
muconic semialdehyde +  
succinate semialdehyde +  
succinic semialdehyde +   

Related Synonyms: glutamic semialdehydes

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