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boron oxoanion +     
inorganic anion +     
antimony oxoanion +   
arsenite ion +   
aurothiosulfate(3-) +   
borate ion +  
Any inorganic anion that is formally derived from boric acid. The term includes polymeric anions containing chains of BO3 structural units sharing one oxygen atom (e.g. di-, tri-, and tetraborates) as well as chains or rings sharing two oxygen atoms (e.g. metaborates).
divalent inorganic anion +   
halogen oxoanion +   
monovalent inorganic anion +   
perborate(2-) +  
phosphorus oxoanion +   
silicon oxoanion +   
sulfate +   
tetraborate(2-) +   
transition element oxoanion +   
trivalent inorganic anion +   

Related Synonyms: borate anions ;   borate ions
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Borate

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