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B vitamin +     
vitamin B complex 
vitamin B1 +   
vitamin B12 +   
vitamin B2 +   
vitamin B3 +   
Any member of a group of vitamers that belong to the chemical structural class called pyridines that exhibit biological activity against vitamin B3 deficiency. Vitamin B3 deficiency causes a condition known as pellagra whose symptoms include depression, dermatitis and diarrhea. The vitamers include nicotinic acid and nicotinamide (and their ionized and salt forms).
vitamin B5 +   
vitamin B6 +   
vitamin B7 +   
vitamin B9 +   
 nicotinamide +   
 nicotinate +   
 nicotinic acid +   

Related Synonyms: vitamin B-3 ;   vitamin B3 vitamer ;   vitamin B3 vitamers ;   vitamins B3

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