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glyceride +     
alkyl,acylglyceride +  
diglyceride +   
monoacylglycerol +   
A glyceride in which any one of the R groups (position not specified) is an acyl group while the remaining two R groups can be either H or alkyl groups.
triglyceride +   

Related Synonyms: Acylglycerol ;   Formula=C4H7O4R ;   Glyceride ;   Monoglyceride ;   SMILES=C(O*)C(O*)CO* ;   a monoacylglycerol ;   mono-O-acylglycerols ;   monoacylglycerols ;   monoglycerides
Alternate IDs: CHEBI:14613 ;   CHEBI:18994 ;   CHEBI:2465 ;   CHEBI:25377
Xrefs: KEGG:C01885 ;   KEGG:C15590 ;   LIPID_MAPS_class:LMGL0101

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