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primary amide +     
carboxamide +   
dechlorocuracomycin +  
phosphate group +  
phosphatediyl group 
phosphinamide +  
phosphono group 
phosphoramide +   
A compound in which one or more of the OH groups of phosphoric acid have been replaced with an amino or substituted amino group. The term is commonly confined to the phosphoric triamides, P(=O)(NR2)3, since replacement of one or two OH groups produces phosphoramidic acids: P(=O)(OH)(NR2)2 , P(=O)(OH)2(NR2).
phosphoric acid derivative +   
sulfonamide +   
thiocarboxamide +   
ureas +   

Related Synonyms: phosphamide ;   phosphamides ;   phosphoramides
Alternate IDs: CHEBI:14827 ;   CHEBI:26076 ;   CHEBI:8162

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