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L-methionine amide residue (CHEBI:145913)
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3,3-dimethyl-L-methionine residue 
6-O-(2-aminoethylphosphono)-alpha-D-Man-(1->2)-alpha-D-Man-(1->6)-alpha-D-Man-(1->4)-alpha-D-GlcN-(1->6)-D-myo-inositol group 
alanino group +  
asparto group +  
C-terminal alpha-amino-acid amide residue +  
C-terminal N-glycylaminoethanethioic S-acid residue 
glutamo group +  
glycine amide residue 
glycino group +  
L-alanine amide residue 
L-arginine amide(1+) residue 
L-asparagine amide residue 
L-aspartate 1-amide residue 
L-cysteine amide residue 
L-glutamate 1-amide residue 
L-glutamine amide residue 
L-histidine amide residue 
L-isoleucine amide residue 
L-leucine amide residue 
L-lysine amide(1+) residue 
L-methionine amide residue 
L-phenylalanine amide group 
L-proline amide residue 
L-serine amide residue 
L-threonine amide residue 
L-tryptophan amide residue 
L-tyrosine amide residue 
L-valine amide residue 
methionino group +  
methyl L-cysteinato group 
methyl L-leucinato group 
N(2)-glutamino group +  
N(2)-histidino group +  
N(4)-asparagino group +  
N(omega)-arginino group +  
phenylalanino group +  
S-(L-lysyl)-L-methionine sulfilimine residue 
S-[(2E,6E)-farnesyl]-L-cysteine methyl ester residue 
S-[(5R)-5-hydroxy-L-lysyl]-L-methionine sulfilimine residue 
S-methyl-L-methionine(1+) residue 
threonino group +  
tryptophano group +  
tyrosino group +  
valino group +  

Related Synonyms: C-terminal L-methionine amide residue ;   Formula=C5H11N2OS ;   SMILES=O=C(N)[C@@H](N*)CCSC

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