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calcium channel modulator +   
CFTR potentiator +   
fenamic acid  
GABA modulator +   
GABA-gated chloride channel antagonist +   
ion transport inhibitor +   
ionophore +   
neurotransmitter transporter modulator +   
potassium channel modulator +   
sodium channel modulator +   
TRP channel blocker +   
An agent that inhibits the passage of cations through the transient receptor potential (TRP) channels.
TRP channel modulator +   
TRPV channel modulator +   

Related Synonyms: TRP channel blockers ;   transient receptor potential channel blocker ;   transient receptor potential channel blockers
Xrefs: PMID:17445088 ;   PMID:21198543 ;   PMID:21607648 ;   PMID:22308955 ;   Wikipedia:Transient_receptor_potential_channel

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