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cobalt phosphide nanoparticle (CHEBI:131895)
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cobalt cation +     
phosphide(3-) +    
bimetallic nanoparticle +  
cadmium selenide nanoparticle 
cadmium sulfide nanoparticle 
cobalt phosphide nanoparticle 
An inorganic nanoparticle consisting of cobalt cations and phosphide(3-) anions. Depending on the method of preparation, the formula can vary from CoP through Co3P2 to Co2P.
cobalt(2+) +   
copper(II) oxide nanoparticle 
cuprous oxide nanoparticle 
dieuropium trioxide nanoparticle 
gold nanoparticle  
iron oxide nanoparticle +  
palladium nanoparticle 
platinum nanoparticle 
silicon dioxide nanoparticle 
silicon nanoparticle 
silver nanoparticle +  
titanium oxide nanoparticle +  
tungsten nanoparticle 
zinc oxide nanoparticle 

Xrefs: PMID:25856205

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