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The Vertebrate Trait Ontology (VT) is being developed as a collaborative effort between the Rat Genome Database at the Medical College of Wisconsin (RGD,, Mouse Genome Informatics at the Jackson Laboratory ( and the Animal QTL database at Iowa State University ( For more information about this vocabulary, or to request additions or changes, please contact us (

Term:thorax morphology trait
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Accession:VT:0004134 term browser browse the term
Definition:Any measurable or observable characteristic related to the shape, structure, color or pattern of the part of the body between the head and the abdomen or any of its component parts.
Synonyms:narrow_synonym: chest morphology trait

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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  vertebrate trait 2379
    organism subdivision trait 180
      thorax trait 0
        thorax morphology trait 0
          body wall morphology trait + 0
          chest circumference 0
          chest depth 0
          chest width 0
          peritoneum morphology trait + 0
          rib morphology trait + 0
          sternum morphology trait + 0
          thoracic cavity morphology trait 0
          thoracic vertebra morphology trait + 0
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