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Term:velar vocal fold
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Accession:UBERON:0014916 term browser browse the term
Definition:On of a pair of medial protrusions of the intra-pharyngeal ostium (an oval opening within the soft palate that connects the oral and nasal portions of the pharynx), used in vocalization in Koalas.
Comment:Muscle notes: Because the larynx is attached to the caudal end of the pharynx where the IPO is situated, laryngeal retraction brought about by the sternothyroid muscle will automatically put tension on the rostro-caudally oriented velar vocal folds, and could also induce length changes of the folds. Contractions of the palatopharyngeal muscles may also influence the length and shape of the velar vocal folds directly (inducing width changes of the IPO).
Synonyms:external_ontology: n/a NCBITaxon:38625

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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  UBERON ontology 0
    anatomical entity 0
      anatomical cluster 0
        soft palate 0
          velar vocal fold 0
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  UBERON ontology 0
    anatomical entity 0
      material anatomical entity 0
        anatomical structure 0
          multicellular anatomical structure 0
            multicellular organism 0
              embryo 0
                embryonic structure 0
                  embryonic tissue 0
                    germ layer / neural crest 0
                      germ layer 0
                        ectoderm 0
                          ectoderm-derived structure 0
                            neurectoderm 0
                              presumptive neural plate 0
                                neural plate 0
                                  neural groove 0
                                    neural fold 0
                                      neural crest 0
                                        neural crest-derived structure 0
                                          facial skeleton 0
                                            jaw skeleton 0
                                              skeleton of upper jaw 0
                                                secondary palatal shelf 0
                                                  secondary palate 0
                                                    soft palate 0
                                                      velar vocal fold 0
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