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Term:vitelline membrane
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Accession:UBERON:0003125 term browser browse the term
Definition:A structure directly adjacent to the outer surface of the plasma membrane of an ovum. It is composed mostly of protein fibers, with protein receptors needed for sperm binding, binding to sperm plasma membrane receptors. The species-specificity between these receptors contributes to prevention of breeding between different species [Wikipedia]. A protective layer around the egg[FBbt].
Comment:[homology-note] "Outside the plasma membrane, three envelopes surround the ovum. The first, the primary egg envelope, lies between the plasma membrane and the surrounding cells of the ovary. The most consistent component of this primary layer is the vitelline membrane, a transparent jacket of fibrous protein. In mammals, the homologous structure is called the zona pellucida.[well established][VHOG]" xsd:string {date_retrieved="2012-09-17", external_class="VHOG:0000720", ontology="VHOG", source="ISBN:978-0072528305 Kardong KV, Vertebrates: Comparative Anatomy, Function, Evolution (2006) p.159", source=""}
Synonyms:broad_synonym: zona pellucida - vitelline membrane
 related_synonym: m. vitellina;   yolk sac membrane;   zona pellucida
 xref: AAO:0010332;   BTO:0001450;   FBbt:00000042;   GAID:1318;   MESH:D014817;   Wikipedia:Vitelline_membrane;   XAO:0000030
 axiom_lost: relationship loss: part_of zygote (AAO:0010324)[AAO]" xsd:string {date_retrieved="2012-06-20", external_class="AAO:0010332", ontology="AAO

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