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Term:presomitic mesoderm
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Accession:UBERON:0003059 term browser browse the term
Definition:Unsegmented field of paraxial mesoderm present posterior to the most recently formed somite pair, from which somites will form.
Comment:[homology-note] "It is reasonable to assume that the proximate invertebrate ancestor of the vertebrates had an amphioxus-like tail bud in its larval stage. This archetypal tail bud would have (...) (3) lacked any component of mesenchyme cells, (4) budded off new mesodermal segments directly, without any intervening zone of presomitic mesoderm (...). Then, early in vertebrate evolution, epithelium-to-mesenchyme interconversions (and the gene networks for effecting them) became prominent features of development. (...) In any case, conspicuous mesenchymal components tended to be added to the vertebrate tail bud itself. In addition, a mesenchymatous presomitic mesoderm (not a part of the tail bud proper) came to intervene between the tail bud and the forming somites.[well established][VHOG]" xsd:string {date_retrieved="2012-09-17", external_class="VHOG:0000559", ontology="VHOG", source="DOI:10.1006/dbio.2001.0460 Schubert M, Holland LZ, Dale Stokes M and Holland ND, Three Amphoxius Wnt Genes (AmphiWnt3, AmphiWnt5, and AmphiWnt6) Associated with the Tail Bud: the Evolution of Somitogenesis in Chordates. Developmental Biology (2001)", source=""}
Synonyms:exact_synonym: segmental plate;   unsegmented paraxial mesoderm
 related_synonym: PSM;   presumptive somite mesoderm;   somitogenic mesoderm;   somitomeric mesoderm;   unsegmented mesenchyme
 xref: AAO:0011086;   EFO:0001982;   EMAPA:16189;   EMAPA:16752;   TAO:0000279;   VHOG:0000559;   XAO:0000057;   ZFA:0000279

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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  UBERON ontology 0
    anatomical entity 0
      material anatomical entity 0
        developing anatomical structure 0
          embryonic structure 0
            presumptive structure 0
              presomitic mesoderm 0
                somite + 0
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  UBERON ontology 0
    anatomical entity 0
      material anatomical entity 0
        anatomical structure 0
          multicellular anatomical structure 0
            multicellular organism 0
              embryo 0
                cleaving embryo 0
                  blastula 0
                    presumptive paraxial mesoderm 0
                      paraxial mesoderm 0
                        trunk paraxial mesoderm 0
                          presumptive segmental plate 0
                            presomitic mesoderm 0
                              somite + 0
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