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Accession:RS:0000771 term browser browse the term
Synonyms:related_synonym: MDC-02-34;   NBRP Rat No. 0195;   RGD ID: 631286

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WKY/Izm term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
Q Bp117 Blood pressure QTL 117 IEA RGD PMID:12569259 RGD:629623
Q Bp118 Blood pressure QTL 118 IEA RGD PMID:12569259 RGD:629623 NCBI chr 3:24,655,225...69,655,225 JBrowse link
Q Bp119 Blood pressure QTL 119 IEA RGD PMID:12569259 RGD:629623
Q Bp120 Blood pressure QTL 120 IEA RGD PMID:12569259 RGD:629623 NCBI chr 9:25,692,373...70,692,373 JBrowse link
Q Bp121 Blood pressure QTL 121 IEA RGD PMID:12569259 RGD:629623 NCBI chr13:19,810,814...64,810,814 JBrowse link
Q Bp122 Blood pressure QTL 122 IEA RGD PMID:12569259 RGD:629623 NCBI chr 3:32,130,997...77,130,997 JBrowse link
Q Bp123 Blood pressure QTL 123 IEA RGD PMID:12569259 RGD:629623 NCBI chr 3:94,788,365...139,788,365 JBrowse link
Q Bp124 Blood pressure QTL 124 IEA RGD PMID:12569259 RGD:629623 NCBI chr 4:63,938,412...108,938,412 JBrowse link
Q Bp125 Blood pressure QTL 125 IEA RGD PMID:12569259 RGD:629623 NCBI chr 8:72,849,686...117,849,686 JBrowse link
Q Bp126 Blood pressure QTL 126 IEA RGD PMID:12569259 RGD:629623 NCBI chr15:65,520,564...110,520,564 JBrowse link
Q Bp138 Blood pressure QTL 138 IEA RGD PMID:12358148 RGD:631321 NCBI chr 1:133,076,978...184,188,922 JBrowse link
Q Bp84 Blood pressure QTL 84 IEA RGD PMID:10604486 RGD:619634 NCBI chr 1:130,779,148...198,585,664 JBrowse link
Q Bp85 Blood pressure QTL 85 IEA RGD PMID:10604486 RGD:619634 NCBI chr 3:1...28,500,807 JBrowse link
Q Bp86 Blood pressure QTL 86 IEA RGD PMID:10604486 RGD:619634 NCBI chr 4:55,791,564...92,484,312 JBrowse link
Q Bp87 Blood pressure QTL 87 IEA RGD PMID:10604486 RGD:619634 NCBI chr10:50,638,337...95,638,337 JBrowse link
Q Gluco11 Glucose level QTL 11 IEA RGD PMID:15752738 RGD:1357415 NCBI chr 4:86,438,317...168,047,091 JBrowse link
Q Gluco12 Glucose level QTL12 IEA RGD PMID:15752738 RGD:1357415 NCBI chr 4:3,044,114...26,753,655 JBrowse link
Q Lecl1 Lens clarity QTL 1 IEA RGD PMID:11252169 RGD:68701 NCBI chr 8:21,464,919...91,140,553 JBrowse link
Q Lecl2 Lens clarity QTL 2 IEA RGD PMID:11252169 RGD:68701 NCBI chr15:39,480,797...62,596,410 JBrowse link
Q Scl1 Serum cholesterol level QTL 1 IEA RGD PMID:10634822 RGD:61092 NCBI chr15:18,513,913...88,036,354 JBrowse link
Q Scl2 Serum cholesterol level QTL 2 IEA RGD PMID:10634822 RGD:61092 NCBI chr 5:61,086,525...149,030,144 JBrowse link
Q Scl3 Serum cholesterol level QTL 3 IEA RGD PMID:10634822 RGD:61092 NCBI chr 7:53,200,344...98,200,344 JBrowse link
Q Stl19 Serum triglyceride level QTL 19 IEA RGD PMID:15752738 RGD:1357415 NCBI chr 4:3,044,017...64,915,903 JBrowse link

Related Phenotype Data for Term "WKY/Izm" (RS:0000771)

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Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  rat strain 6265
    inbred strain 2693
      WKY 234
        WKY/Izm 24
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