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Term:transgenic strain
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Accession:RS:0000465 term browser browse the term
Definition:Rats carry foreign DNA that has been stably introduced into the germline of the animal.

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SD-Tg(Ren2)27 term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
Q Bp342 Blood pressure QTL 342 IEA RGD PMID:19307186 RGD:2313695 NCBI chr10:90,296,897...99,492,409 JBrowse link
Q Bp343 Blood pressure QTL 343 IEA RGD PMID:10432379 RGD:619627 NCBI chr17:33,303,627...53,475,276 JBrowse link
SS-Tg(ApoC3-CETP)53Opaz term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
Q Scl54 Serum cholesterol level QTL 54 IEA RGD PMID:17620956 RGD:2290428 NCBI chr 5:31,926,122...136,640,934 JBrowse link
Q Scl55 Serum cholesterol level QTL 55 IEA RGD PMID:17620956 RGD:2290428 NCBI chr 2:26,186,097...142,053,534 JBrowse link
Q Scl56 Serum cholesterol level QTL 56 IEA RGD PMID:17620956 RGD:2290428 NCBI chr 3:1...95,176,874 JBrowse link
Q Scl57 Serum cholesterol level QTL 57 IEA RGD PMID:17620956 RGD:2290428 NCBI chr 9:41,261,034...102,531,865 JBrowse link
Q Scl58 Serum cholesterol level QTL 58 IEA RGD PMID:17620956 RGD:2290428 NCBI chr11:11,367,306...44,444,347 JBrowse link

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  rat strain 6179
    transgenic strain 473
      ACI-Tg(ROSA26-ALPP)Rrrc 1
      DA/Crlj transgenics + 5
      Eker transgenics + 2
      F344 transgenics + 176
      FHH/EurMcwi transgenics + 3
      KDP transgenics + 4
      LE transgenics + 32
      LEA transgenics + 1
      LEC-Tg(ATP7B)Tohm 1
      LEW transgenics + 21
      SD transgenics + 102
      SHR transgenics + 12
      SHRSP-Tg(Tagln-ACE2)6918Bdr 1
      SI-Tg(Ednrb)Ywa 1
      SS.BN-(D13Rat151-D13Rat197)-Tg(Slc12a1-Ncf2-2A-Luc)26Mcwi 1
      SS/JrHsdMcwi transgenics + 19
      SS/Opaz transgenics + 11
      STOCK.dmyTg(CMV-Mrs2)Kyo 1
      TRM.W transgenics + 2
      TRMR.W transgenics + 4
      WI transgenics + 61
      WKY transgenics + 9
      WTC.Cg transgenics + 4
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