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Term:glucagon signaling pathway
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Accession:PW:0000676 term browser browse the term
Definition:Glucagon signaling responds to low levels of circulating glucose to stimulate its release. The action of glucagon signaling is counter-regulatory to the action of insulin and it plays an essential role in glucose homeostasis.

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glucagon signaling pathway term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Adcy5 adenylate cyclase 5 IDA RGD PMID:17010343 PMID:10894801 RGD:2315004, RGD:2315006 NCBI chr11:65,471,612...65,618,877
Ensembl chr11:65,471,612...65,618,974
JBrowse link
G Adcy6 adenylate cyclase 6 IDA RGD PMID:17010343 PMID:10894801 RGD:2315004, RGD:2315006 NCBI chr 7:129,742,827...129,763,922
Ensembl chr 7:129,742,838...129,763,754
JBrowse link
G Gcg glucagon ISO RGD PMID:16929363 RGD:2315015 NCBI chr 3:47,113,914...47,122,929
Ensembl chr 3:47,113,914...47,122,929
JBrowse link
G Gcgr glucagon receptor IMP
RGD PMID:15687107 PMID:17010343 RGD:1625210, RGD:2315004 NCBI chr10:105,808,474...105,816,641
Ensembl chr10:105,808,473...105,816,640
JBrowse link
G Gnas GNAS complex locus IMP
RGD PMID:15687107 PMID:17010343 RGD:1625210, RGD:2315004 NCBI chr 3:163,071,003...163,136,350
Ensembl chr 3:163,071,417...163,127,262
Ensembl chr 3:163,071,417...163,127,262
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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  pathway 6100
    regulatory pathway 3875
      homeostasis pathway 1774
        glucose homeostasis pathway 344
          glucagon signaling pathway 5
            altered glucagon signaling pathway 0
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