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Term:Apical pulmonary opacity
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Accession:HP:0032176 term browser browse the term
Definition:An apical cap is a caplike lesion at the lung apex, usually caused by intrapulmonary and pleural fibrosis pulling down extrapleural fat or possibly by chronic ischemia resulting in hyaline plaque formation on the visceral pleura. The prevalence increases with age. It can also be seen in hematoma resulting from aortic rupture or in other fluid collection associated with infection or tumor, either outside the parietal pleura or loculated within the pleural space.
Comment:The usual appearance is of homogeneous soft-tissue attenuation capping the extreme lung apex (uni- or bilaterally), with a sharp or irregular lower border (See Figure 6 of PMID:18195376). Thickness is variable, ranging up to about 30 mm. An apical cap occasionally mimics apical consolidation on transverse CT scans.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: Apical cap;   Apical pleural thickening

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Term Annotations click to browse term
  Human phenotype 16463
    Phenotypic abnormality 16461
      Abnormality of the respiratory system 2437
        Abnormal respiratory system morphology 1556
          Abnormal pulmonary thoracic imaging finding 151
            Apical pulmonary opacity 0
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