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Term:Hepatocellular adenoma
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Accession:HP:0012028 term browser browse the term
Definition:A benign tumor of the liver of presumably epithelial origin.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: Hepatic adenoma;   Liver cell adenoma
 xref: MESH:D018248;   MPATH:353 "hepatocellular adenoma";   SNOMEDCT_US:424263008;   SNOMEDCT_US:78058005;   UMLS:C0206669

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Hepatocellular adenoma term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G ABCC8 ATP binding cassette subfamily C member 8 IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr11:17,392,498...17,476,845
Ensembl chr11:17,392,498...17,476,894
JBrowse link
G APPL1 adaptor protein, phosphotyrosine interacting with PH domain and leucine zipper 1 IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr 3:57,227,729...57,273,471
Ensembl chr 3:57,227,726...57,278,105
JBrowse link
G BLK BLK proto-oncogene, Src family tyrosine kinase IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr 8:11,494,387...11,564,599
Ensembl chr 8:11,486,894...11,564,599
JBrowse link
G CEL carboxyl ester lipase IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr 9:133,061,981...133,071,861
Ensembl chr 9:133,061,981...133,071,861
JBrowse link
G GCK glucokinase IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr 7:44,143,213...44,189,439
Ensembl chr 7:44,143,213...44,198,170
JBrowse link
G GNAS GNAS complex locus IAGP ORPHA:562 HPO NCBI chr20:58,839,748...58,911,192
Ensembl chr20:58,839,718...58,911,192
JBrowse link
G HNF1A HNF1 homeobox A IAGP OMIM:142330 ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr12:120,978,543...121,002,512
Ensembl chr12:120,978,543...121,002,512
JBrowse link
G HNF4A hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr20:44,355,699...44,434,596
Ensembl chr20:44,355,699...44,432,845
JBrowse link
G INS insulin IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr11:2,159,779...2,161,209
Ensembl chr11:2,159,779...2,161,221
JBrowse link
G KCNJ11 potassium inwardly rectifying channel subfamily J member 11 IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr11:17,385,248...17,389,346
Ensembl chr11:17,365,172...17,389,331
JBrowse link
G KLF11 KLF transcription factor 11 IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr 2:10,043,550...10,054,836
Ensembl chr 2:10,042,849...10,054,836
JBrowse link
G NEUROD1 neuronal differentiation 1 IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr 2:181,668,295...181,680,517
Ensembl chr 2:181,668,295...181,680,827
JBrowse link
G PAX4 paired box 4 IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr 7:127,610,292...127,618,142
Ensembl chr 7:127,610,292...127,618,142
JBrowse link
G PDX1 pancreatic and duodenal homeobox 1 IAGP ORPHA:552 HPO NCBI chr13:27,920,000...27,926,313
Ensembl chr13:27,920,000...27,926,313
JBrowse link
G PHKA2 phosphorylase kinase regulatory subunit alpha 2 IAGP ORPHA:264580 HPO NCBI chr  X:18,892,298...18,984,114
Ensembl chr  X:18,892,298...18,984,114
JBrowse link
G PHKB phosphorylase kinase regulatory subunit beta IAGP ORPHA:79240 HPO NCBI chr16:47,461,299...47,701,523
Ensembl chr16:47,461,123...47,701,523
JBrowse link
G PHKG2 phosphorylase kinase catalytic subunit gamma 2 IAGP ORPHA:264580 HPO NCBI chr16:30,748,425...30,761,176
Ensembl chr16:30,748,293...30,761,176
JBrowse link
G SLC37A4 solute carrier family 37 member 4 IAGP ORPHA:79259 HPO NCBI chr11:119,024,112...119,030,877
Ensembl chr11:119,023,751...119,030,906
JBrowse link

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  Human phenotype 14923
    Phenotypic abnormality 14921
      Abnormality of the digestive system 4375
        Abnormality of the abdominal organs 1536
          Abnormality of the liver 1178
            Neoplasm of the liver 247
              Hepatocellular adenoma 18
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