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Term:Corneal neovascularization
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Accession:HP:0011496 term browser browse the term
Definition:Ingrowth of new blood vessels into the cornea.
Comment:New blood vessels, which sprout from the capillaries and venules of the pericorneal plexus, may block light, compromise visual acuity, and lead to inflammation, corneal scarring, and edema. Corneal neovascularization may be a consequence of corneal hypoxia. Neovascular patterns can be separated into three clinical groups: deep neovascularization overlying Descemet's membrane (seen in herpetic and luetic interstitial keratitis), stromal neovascularization (as a result of stromal keratitis), and vascular pannus (from ocular surface disorders). Corneal pannus is subepithelial fibrovascular tissue ingrowth from the limbus onto the cornea that can be observed with corneal neovascularization.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: Corneal neovascularisation;   Corneal vascularization;   Limbal neovascularization;   New blood vessel formation in cornea
 narrow_synonym: Corneal pannus
 xref: MESH:D016510;   SNOMEDCT_US:19161004;   UMLS:C0085109

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  Human phenotype 0
    Phenotypic abnormality 0
      Abnormality of the eye 0
        Abnormal eye morphology 0
          Abnormal anterior eye segment morphology 0
            Abnormal cornea morphology 0
              Corneal neovascularization 0
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