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Term:Abnormal cerebral white matter morphology
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Accession:HP:0002500 term browser browse the term
Definition:An abnormality of the cerebral white matter.
Comment:This finding can be demonstrated by magnetic resonance imaging, especially with t2 signalling. The cerebral white matter is the region of the central nervous system that consists mostly of glial cells and myelinated axons that interconnect the various regions of the cerebrum and the lower brain centers. It is located in the subcortex.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: Abnormality of subcortical white matter;   Abnormality of the cerebral white matter;   Cerebral white matter abnormalities;   Leukoaraiosis;   White matter abnormalities;   White matter alterations
 related_synonym: Cortical white matter abnormalities seen on MRI
 alt_id: HP:0200100
 xref: MESH:D049292;   UMLS:C0948163;   UMLS:C4020851

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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  Human phenotype 0
    Phenotypic abnormality 0
      Abnormality of the nervous system 0
        Abnormal nervous system morphology 0
          Morphological central nervous system abnormality 0
            Abnormality of brain morphology 0
              Abnormal forebrain morphology 0
                Abnormal cerebral morphology 0
                  Abnormal cerebral subcortex morphology 0
                    Abnormal cerebral white matter morphology 0
                      Abnormal corpus callosum morphology + 0
                      Abnormal periventricular white matter morphology + 0
                      Abnormality of the anterior commissure + 0
                      Abnormality of the bed nucleus of stria terminalis + 0
                      Abnormality of the internal capsule + 0
                      Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the cerebral white matter + 0
                      Cerebral dysmyelination 0
                      Cerebral white matter atrophy + 0
                      Diffuse swelling of cerebral white matter 0
                      Diffuse white matter abnormalities + 0
                      Focal white matter lesions + 0
                      Hyperintensity of cerebral white matter on MRI + 0
                      Hypointensity of cerebral white matter on MRI + 0
                      Multifocal cerebral white matter abnormalities + 0
                      Reduced cerebral white matter volume 0
                      Subcortical white matter calcifications 0
                      White mater abnormalities in the posterior periventricular region 0
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