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Term:microfibril assembly
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Accession:GO:0160054 term browser browse the term
Definition:The aggregation, arrangement and bonding together of microfibril.

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microfibril assembly term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Thsd4 thrombospondin type 1 domain containing 4 involved_in ISO (PMID:32855533) RGD PMID:32855533 NCBI chr 8:60,384,636...60,984,419
Ensembl chr 8:60,386,875...61,024,995
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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 20328
    cellular process 18788
      cellular component organization or biogenesis 7188
        cellular component organization 6877
          cellular component assembly 3160
            microfibril assembly 1
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