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Term:exogenous protein binding
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Accession:GO:0140272 term browser browse the term
Definition:Interacting selectively and non-covalently with any protein or protein complex from a different species, for example a pathogen molecule binding to a host protein (a complex of two or more proteins that may include other nonprotein molecules).
Comment:Note that as GO captures normal processes, it may be that exogenous proteins interactions are normal for one of the participating species but not the other. Therefore reciprocal annotations should not be made without confirming that it is physiological relevant.

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exogenous protein binding term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G ALB albumin IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr 8:69,643,427...69,663,152
Ensembl chr 8:69,531,487...69,718,304
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virus receptor activity term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G ACE2 angiotensin I converting enzyme 2 IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr  X:12,099,849...12,152,204
Ensembl chr  X:12,099,853...12,151,275
JBrowse link
G ANPEP alanyl aminopeptidase, membrane IEA UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 7:55,351,081...55,373,856
Ensembl chr 7:55,351,083...55,373,881
JBrowse link
G BSG basigin ISO (PMID:20147391) UniProt PMID:20147391 NCBI chr 2:77,735,586...77,743,451 JBrowse link
G CD163 CD163 molecule IEA UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 5:63,300,200...63,334,497
Ensembl chr 5:63,300,146...63,334,498
JBrowse link
G CD300LF CD300 molecule like family member f ISO (MGI:5810215|PMID:27681626), (MGI:5810217|PMID:27540007) UniProt PMID:27540007 PMID:27681626 MGI:5810215 MGI:5810217 NCBI chr12:6,501,151...6,521,135 JBrowse link
G CD55 CD55 molecule (Cromer blood group) ISO (PMID:7525274) UniProtKB PMID:7525274 NCBI chr 9:67,933,069...67,960,380 JBrowse link
G CD81 CD81 molecule IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr 2:1,625,728...1,641,662
Ensembl chr 2:1,506,652...1,641,667
JBrowse link
G CEACAM1 CEA cell adhesion molecule 1 NOT ISO (MGI:5608587|PMID:2164599)
MGI PMID:1719235 PMID:2164599 MGI:49235 MGI:5608587 NCBI chr 6:49,437,308...49,460,614 JBrowse link
G CLDN1 claudin 1 IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr13:127,714,857...127,730,628
Ensembl chr13:127,712,767...127,730,657
JBrowse link
G CLDN6 claudin 6 IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr 3:39,168,506...39,172,631
Ensembl chr 3:39,167,853...39,172,629
JBrowse link
G CLDN9 claudin 9 IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr 3:39,172,731...39,181,827
Ensembl chr 3:39,172,853...39,174,354
JBrowse link
G CLEC5A C-type lectin domain containing 5A IBA (PMID:21873635) GO_Central PMID:21873635 NCBI chr18:8,004,423...8,014,390
Ensembl chr18:8,004,448...8,016,318
JBrowse link
G DPP4 dipeptidyl peptidase 4 IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr15:68,661,764...68,742,961
Ensembl chr15:68,660,849...68,743,818
JBrowse link
G GPR15 G protein-coupled receptor 15 IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr13:160,386,727...160,390,965
Ensembl chr13:160,385,646...160,391,028
JBrowse link
G HAVCR1 hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 1 IBA (PMID:21873635) GO_Central PMID:21873635 NCBI chr16:66,162,318...66,208,868 JBrowse link
G HYAL1 hyaluronidase 1 NOT ISS UniProt GO_REF:0000024 NCBI chr13:32,798,135...32,800,705
Ensembl chr13:32,793,569...32,800,796
JBrowse link
G HYAL2 hyaluronidase 2 NOT ISS
(MGI:5315349|PMID:16191204) UniProt
PMID:16191204 GO_REF:0000024 GO_REF:0000107 MGI:5315349 NCBI chr13:32,805,220...32,813,684
Ensembl chr13:32,805,223...32,815,335
JBrowse link
G HYAL3 hyaluronidase 3 NOT ISO (PMID:11296287)
PMID:11296287 MGI:5315372 NCBI chr13:32,790,843...32,796,995
Ensembl chr13:32,789,421...32,796,563
JBrowse link
G ITGB6 integrin subunit beta 6 IEA UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr15:67,041,516...67,175,409
Ensembl chr15:67,041,519...67,175,234
JBrowse link
G LOC100515852 polymeric immunoglobulin receptor-like ISO (MGI:5810215|PMID:27681626), (MGI:5810217|PMID:27540007) UniProt PMID:27540007 PMID:27681626 MGI:5810215 MGI:5810217 NCBI chr12:6,596,206...6,616,554 JBrowse link
G PLSCR1 phospholipid scramblase 1 ISO (PMID:21806988) UniProt PMID:21806988 NCBI chr13:86,836,288...86,869,569
Ensembl chr13:86,649,586...86,869,297
JBrowse link
G PVR PVR cell adhesion molecule ISO RGD PMID:11255021 RGD:68704 NCBI chr 6:51,161,320...51,178,464 JBrowse link
G RPSA ribosomal protein SA IEA UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr13:24,072,551...24,081,536
Ensembl chr13:24,072,527...24,083,686
JBrowse link
G SIGLEC1 sialic acid binding Ig like lectin 1 IEA UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr17:31,994,505...32,021,239
Ensembl chr17:31,994,540...32,021,466
JBrowse link
G SIVA1 SIVA1 apoptosis inducing factor IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107
G SLC52A2 solute carrier family 52 member 2 IEA UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 4:421,457...429,360 JBrowse link
G XPR1 xenotropic and polytropic retrovirus receptor 1 IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr 9:122,237,954...122,461,669
Ensembl chr 9:122,237,957...122,460,535
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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  molecular_function 17448
    binding 15336
      exogenous protein binding 28
        virus coreceptor activity 0
        virus receptor activity 27
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