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Term:response to oxygen-glucose deprivation
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Accession:GO:0090649 term browser browse the term
Definition:Any process that results in a change in state or activity of a cell or an organism (in terms of movement, secretion, enzyme production, gene expression, etc.) as a result of the deprivation of oxygen and glucose.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: response to OGD

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response to oxygen-glucose deprivation term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Bnip1 BCL2 interacting protein 1 ISO RGD PMID:22639046 RGD:14398458 NCBI chrNW_004936609:2,433,162...2,444,258
Ensembl chrNW_004936609:2,430,484...2,444,361
JBrowse link
G Bnip2 BCL2 interacting protein 2 ISO RGD PMID:22639046 RGD:14398458 NCBI chrNW_004936471:20,655,415...20,675,351
Ensembl chrNW_004936471:20,652,601...20,675,325
JBrowse link
G Bnip3 BCL2 interacting protein 3 ISO RGD PMID:22639046 RGD:14398458 NCBI chrNW_004936486:18,449,371...18,460,435
Ensembl chrNW_004936486:18,448,494...18,455,927
JBrowse link
G Nos2 nitric oxide synthase 2 ISO RGD PMID:10997722 RGD:152176656 NCBI chrNW_004936538:4,052,277...4,097,051
Ensembl chrNW_004936538:4,052,448...4,097,051
JBrowse link
G Nppc natriuretic peptide C involved_in IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chrNW_004936525:5,092,675...5,099,344
Ensembl chrNW_004936525:5,092,635...5,099,331
JBrowse link
cellular response to oxygen-glucose deprivation term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Aifm1 apoptosis inducing factor mitochondria associated 1 ISO RGD PMID:14526224 RGD:10047409 NCBI chrNW_004936479:1,441,508...1,477,133
Ensembl chrNW_004936479:1,441,437...1,478,107
JBrowse link
G Aqp3 aquaporin 3 (Gill blood group) acts_upstream_of_or_within
(MGI:5551666|PMID:24462679) MGI
PMID:24462679 GO_REF:0000107 MGI:5551666 NCBI chrNW_004936524:1,963,427...1,969,977
Ensembl chrNW_004936524:1,963,247...1,969,998
JBrowse link
G Atf4 activating transcription factor 4 ISO RGD PMID:20444431 RGD:13464322 NCBI chrNW_004936492:2,114,478...2,115,969
Ensembl chrNW_004936492:2,110,634...2,115,996
JBrowse link
G Cacnb3 calcium voltage-gated channel auxiliary subunit beta 3 ISO RGD PMID:23421680 RGD:13514095 NCBI chrNW_004936512:6,652,836...6,666,171
Ensembl chrNW_004936512:6,653,777...6,666,758
JBrowse link
G Cbl Cbl proto-oncogene ISO RGD PMID:24229686 RGD:11038824 NCBI chrNW_004936542:4,136,389...4,235,746
Ensembl chrNW_004936542:4,136,511...4,228,288
JBrowse link
G Dicer1 dicer 1, ribonuclease III ISO RGD PMID:26294080 RGD:11553310 NCBI chrNW_004936846:528,768...584,599
Ensembl chrNW_004936846:532,972...575,689
JBrowse link
G Dll4 delta like canonical Notch ligand 4 ISO RGD PMID:30653356 RGD:155663383 NCBI chrNW_004936471:4,320,235...4,330,251
Ensembl chrNW_004936471:4,320,933...4,330,253
JBrowse link
G Dnm1l dynamin 1 like ISO RGD PMID:23658809 RGD:12738215 NCBI chrNW_004936607:3,576,357...3,632,423
Ensembl chrNW_004936607:3,576,392...3,632,554
JBrowse link
G Ireb2 iron responsive element binding protein 2 ISO RGD PMID:16135072 RGD:12904046 NCBI chrNW_004936471:36,547,552...36,601,327
Ensembl chrNW_004936471:36,547,500...36,600,636
JBrowse link
G Lcn2 lipocalin 2 ISO RGD PMID:24916903 RGD:126790489 NCBI chrNW_004936487:15,721,752...15,725,396
Ensembl chrNW_004936487:15,721,684...15,728,221
JBrowse link
G Mfn1 mitofusin 1 ISO RGD PMID:23658809 RGD:12738215 NCBI chrNW_004936566:3,737,315...3,775,894
Ensembl chrNW_004936566:3,737,315...3,775,693
JBrowse link
G Mfn2 mitofusin 2 ISO RGD PMID:23658809 RGD:12738215 NCBI chrNW_004936474:767,754...795,258
Ensembl chrNW_004936474:767,671...796,556
JBrowse link
G Nampt nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase ISO RGD PMID:28528966 RGD:13781879 NCBI chrNW_004936479:17,682,070...17,716,713
Ensembl chrNW_004936479:17,682,201...17,716,661
JBrowse link
G Ppp1r15a protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 15A ISO RGD PMID:21525936 RGD:10054236 NCBI chrNW_004936664:2,910,609...2,914,205 JBrowse link
G Tsc1 TSC complex subunit 1 involved_in ISO PMID:23435171 ParkinsonsUK-UCL PMID:23435171 RGD:10448950 NCBI chrNW_004936487:19,331,183...19,386,841
Ensembl chrNW_004936487:19,331,194...19,386,892
JBrowse link

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 15022
    response to stimulus 8054
      response to abiotic stimulus 1423
        response to oxygen levels 482
          response to decreased oxygen levels 442
            response to oxygen-glucose deprivation 20
              cellular response to oxygen-glucose deprivation 15
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