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Term:connexin binding
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Accession:GO:0071253 term browser browse the term
Definition:Binding to a connexin, any of a group of related proteins that assemble to form gap junctions.

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connexin binding term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Cav3 caveolin 3 enables ISO
UniProtKB:P23242 (MGI:5448532|PMID:19544087)
RGD PMID:19544087 PMID:21873635 MGI:5448532, RGD:13792537 NCBI chr 4:145,582,168...145,598,142
Ensembl chr 4:145,582,060...145,598,137
JBrowse link
G Cnst consortin, connexin sorting protein enables IBA
RGD PMID:19864490 PMID:21873635 MGI:4413526, RGD:13792537 NCBI chr13:91,296,740...91,373,531
Ensembl chr13:91,296,142...91,373,531
JBrowse link
G Cxadr CXADR, Ig-like cell adhesion molecule enables ISS
UniProtKB:P28229 (MGI:3814765|PMID:18636119)
PMID:18636119 GO_REF:0000024 MGI:3814765 NCBI chr11:16,982,752...17,030,078
Ensembl chr11:16,982,860...17,030,046
JBrowse link
G Gja1 gap junction protein, alpha 1 IPI RGD PMID:11557558 RGD:7207849 NCBI chr20:35,756,007...35,768,481
Ensembl chr20:35,755,991...35,768,582
JBrowse link
G Gja5 gap junction protein, alpha 5 IPI RGD PMID:11557558 RGD:7207849 NCBI chr 2:184,602,407...184,621,952
Ensembl chr 2:184,564,475...184,621,952
JBrowse link
G Src SRC proto-oncogene, non-receptor tyrosine kinase enables ISO UniProtKB:P23242 (MGI:5882903|PMID:14699011) RGD PMID:14699011 MGI:5882903 NCBI chr 3:146,091,969...146,139,492
Ensembl chr 3:146,091,841...146,139,476
JBrowse link
G Tjp1 tight junction protein 1 enables ISO UniProtKB:P08050|UniProtKB:P23242 (MGI:5882902|PMID:15492000), (MGI:5882903|PMID:14699011) RGD PMID:14699011 PMID:15492000 MGI:5882902 MGI:5882903 NCBI chr 1:118,849,838...119,094,492
Ensembl chr 1:118,849,838...119,094,432
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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  molecular_function 19910
    binding 16997
      protein binding 14384
        connexin binding 7
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