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Term:circadian regulation of gene expression
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Accession:GO:0032922 term browser browse the term
Definition:Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of gene expression such that an expression pattern recurs with a regularity of approximately 24 hours.
Synonyms:related_synonym: circadian regulation of protein expression;   diurnal variation of gene expression;   diurnal variation of protein expression

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circadian regulation of gene expression term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Adk adenosine kinase ISO RGD PMID:12675911 RGD:2291861 NCBI chrNW_004936521:4,560,078...5,023,780 JBrowse link
G Ahr aryl hydrocarbon receptor ISO (MGI:4820700|PMID:20106950) UniProt PMID:20106950 MGI:4820700 NCBI chrNW_004936546:3,737,908...3,783,492 JBrowse link
G Arntl aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator like ISO (PMID:24005054)
(MGI:5442460|PMID:22653727), (MGI:5568140|PMID:24736997)
(MGI:3843127|PMID:19299583), (MGI:3843754|PMID:19141540), (MGI:4819446|PMID:20562852), (MGI:5437152|PMID:22611086), (MGI:5553223|PMID:23525013)
PMID:19141540 PMID:19299583 PMID:20562852 PMID:22611086 PMID:22653727 PMID:23525013 PMID:24005054 PMID:24736997 MGI:3843127 MGI:3843754 MGI:4819446 MGI:5437152 MGI:5442460 MGI:5553223 MGI:5568140 NCBI chrNW_004936528:5,167,611...5,239,128 JBrowse link
G Atf4 activating transcription factor 4 ISO (MGI:5292598|PMID:21768648) UniProt PMID:21768648 MGI:5292598 NCBI chrNW_004936492:2,114,478...2,115,969 JBrowse link
G Bhlhe40 basic helix-loop-helix family member e40 ISO (PMID:18411297)
(MGI:3798698|PMID:18411297), (MGI:6282958|PMID:30012868)
BHF-UCL PMID:18411297 PMID:30012868 MGI:3798698 MGI:6282958 NCBI chrNW_004936577:4,316,099...4,321,193 JBrowse link
G Bhlhe41 basic helix-loop-helix family member e41 ISO (MGI:3798698|PMID:18411297) BHF-UCL PMID:18411297 MGI:3798698 NCBI chrNW_004936548:1,306,939...1,314,678 JBrowse link
G Cartpt CART prepropeptide ISO PMID:15680948 HGNC PMID:15680948 RGD:8553315 NCBI chrNW_004936549:4,717,337...4,719,523 JBrowse link
G Cavin3 caveolae associated protein 3 ISO (MGI:5508702|PMID:23079727) UniProt PMID:23079727 MGI:5508702 NCBI chrNW_004936842:387,320...388,877 JBrowse link
G Ciart circadian associated repressor of transcription ISO (MGI:5545849|PMID:24385426), (MGI:5568140|PMID:24736997) UniProt PMID:24385426 PMID:24736997 MGI:5545849 MGI:5568140 NCBI chrNW_004936580:566,745...571,160 JBrowse link
G Clock clock circadian regulator ISO (PMID:24005054)
(MGI:2683983|PMID:14672706), (MGI:3794495|PMID:18316400), (MGI:3843127|PMID:19299583), (MGI:3843754|PMID:19141540), (MGI:4837055|PMID:20430893), (MGI:5292598|PMID:21768648), (MGI:5297789|PMID:15147242), (MGI:5442460|PMID:22653727), (MGI:5503234|PMID:23785138), (MGI:6282958|PMID:30012868)
(PMID:21980503), (PMID:28985504)
PMID:14672706 PMID:15147242 PMID:18316400 PMID:19141540 PMID:19299583 PMID:20430893 PMID:21768648 PMID:21980503 PMID:22653727 PMID:23785138 PMID:24005054 PMID:28985504 PMID:30012868 MGI:2683983 MGI:3794495 MGI:3843127 MGI:3843754 MGI:4837055 MGI:5292598 MGI:5297789 MGI:5442460 MGI:5503234 MGI:6282958 NCBI chrNW_004936482:17,789,834...17,900,371 JBrowse link
G Crem cAMP responsive element modulator ISO (MGI:5494765|PMID:23443664) UniProt PMID:23443664 MGI:5494765 NCBI chrNW_004936574:3,478,969...3,546,738 JBrowse link
G Cry1 cryptochrome circadian regulator 1 ISO (MGI:3843127|PMID:19299583), (MGI:5464222|PMID:23133559), (MGI:5490394|PMID:23616524), (MGI:5545849|PMID:24385426)
UniProt PMID:19299583 PMID:22170608 PMID:23133559 PMID:23616524 PMID:24385426 MGI:3843127 MGI:5302136 MGI:5464222 MGI:5490394 MGI:5545849 NCBI chrNW_004936492:7,929,138...7,994,797 JBrowse link
G Cry2 cryptochrome circadian regulator 2 ISO (MGI:5302136|PMID:22170608)
(MGI:3843127|PMID:19299583), (MGI:5490394|PMID:23616524)
UniProt PMID:19299583 PMID:22170608 PMID:23616524 MGI:3843127 MGI:5302136 MGI:5490394 NCBI chrNW_004936562:3,133,849...3,168,472 JBrowse link
G Csnk1d casein kinase 1 delta ISO (MGI:3849793|PMID:19414593), (MGI:5294280|PMID:21930935) UniProt PMID:19414593 PMID:21930935 MGI:3849793 MGI:5294280 NCBI chrNW_004936594:5,720,887...5,743,206 JBrowse link
G Drd2 dopamine receptor D2 ISO (MGI:3625767|PMID:16606840) MGI PMID:16606840 MGI:3625767 NCBI chrNW_004936612:1,094,686...1,154,149 JBrowse link
G Drd3 dopamine receptor D3 ISO (MGI:3611612|PMID:15878801) MGI PMID:15878801 MGI:3611612 NCBI chrNW_004936536:1,580,732...1,616,726 JBrowse link
G Egr1 early growth response 1 ISO (MGI:6219065|PMID:26471974), (MGI:6258624|PMID:29138967) UniProt PMID:26471974 PMID:29138967 MGI:6219065 MGI:6258624 NCBI chrNW_004936531:7,625,956...7,629,041 JBrowse link
G Gfpt1 glutamine--fructose-6-phosphate transaminase 1 ISO (MGI:5495336|PMID:23395176) UniProt PMID:23395176 MGI:5495336 NCBI chrNW_004936491:13,603,256...13,665,298 JBrowse link
G Hdac1 histone deacetylase 1 ISO (MGI:5567917|PMID:15226430) UniProt PMID:15226430 MGI:5567917 NCBI chrNW_004936474:15,320,635...15,351,418 JBrowse link
G Hdac2 histone deacetylase 2 ISO (MGI:5567917|PMID:15226430) UniProt PMID:15226430 MGI:5567917 NCBI chrNW_004936679:2,448,676...2,474,641 JBrowse link
G Hdac3 histone deacetylase 3 ISO (MGI:5882311|PMID:26776516)
PMID:19037247 PMID:26776516 MGI:3821398 MGI:5882311 NCBI chrNW_004936504:12,530,546...12,546,556 JBrowse link
G Hnf1b HNF1 homeobox B ISO RGD PMID:9545279 RGD:2312721 NCBI chrNW_004936490:649,551...702,448 JBrowse link
G Hnrnpu heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein U ISO (MGI:3794926|PMID:18332112) UniProt PMID:18332112 MGI:3794926 NCBI chrNW_004936526:6,014,745...6,022,213 JBrowse link
G Huwe1 HECT, UBA and WWE domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1 ISO (PMID:20534529)
UniProt PMID:20534529 MGI:4458969 NCBI chrNW_004936751:478,978...622,818 JBrowse link
G Id2 inhibitor of DNA binding 2 ISO (MGI:4420353|PMID:19740747) UniProt PMID:19740747 MGI:4420353 NCBI chrNW_004936532:5,236,175...5,238,689 JBrowse link
G Kdm2a lysine demethylase 2A ISO (PMID:26037310) UniProt PMID:26037310 NCBI chrNW_004936599:2,466,427...2,576,623 JBrowse link
G Kdm5a lysine demethylase 5A ISO (MGI:5288521|PMID:21960634) UniProt PMID:21960634 MGI:5288521 NCBI chrNW_004936606:486,424...570,546 JBrowse link
G Kdm8 lysine demethylase 8 ISO (MGI:6270295|PMID:30500822) UniProt PMID:30500822 MGI:6270295 NCBI chrNW_004936501:10,932,541...10,955,772 JBrowse link
G Kmt2a lysine methyltransferase 2A ISO (MGI:5607228|PMID:21113167) UniProt PMID:21113167 MGI:5607228 NCBI chrNW_004936542:3,480,071...3,566,823 JBrowse link
G Lgr4 leucine rich repeat containing G protein-coupled receptor 4 ISO (MGI:5607511|PMID:24353284) UniProt PMID:24353284 MGI:5607511 NCBI chrNW_004936540:5,752,319...5,846,074 JBrowse link
G Maged1 MAGE family member D1 ISO (MGI:5508569|PMID:20300063) UniProt PMID:20300063 MGI:5508569 NCBI chrNW_004936909:493,998...592,649 JBrowse link
G Mc3r melanocortin 3 receptor ISO (MGI:3821632|PMID:19036988) UniProt PMID:19036988 MGI:3821632 NCBI chrNW_004936875:172,764...174,446 JBrowse link
G Mta1 metastasis associated 1 ISO (MGI:5582861|PMID:24089055) UniProt PMID:24089055 MGI:5582861 NCBI chrNW_004936621:117,785...140,917 JBrowse link
G Mybbp1a MYB binding protein 1a ISO (MGI:5009503|PMID:19129230) UniProt PMID:19129230 MGI:5009503 NCBI chrNW_004936677:1,095,022...1,108,545 JBrowse link
G Mycbp2 MYC binding protein 2 ISO (PMID:20534529)
UniProt PMID:20534529 MGI:4458969 NCBI chrNW_004936511:3,977,950...4,248,959 JBrowse link
G Nampt nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase ISO (MGI:3843127|PMID:19299583) UniProt PMID:19299583 MGI:3843127 NCBI chrNW_004936479:17,682,070...17,716,713 JBrowse link
G Ncoa2 nuclear receptor coactivator 2 ISO (MGI:5607392|PMID:24529706) UniProt PMID:24529706 MGI:5607392 NCBI chrNW_004936496:14,844,923...15,102,922 JBrowse link
G Ncor1 nuclear receptor corepressor 1 ISO (MGI:3821398|PMID:19037247) MGI PMID:19037247 MGI:3821398 NCBI chrNW_004936821:382,756...538,254 JBrowse link
G Ngfr nerve growth factor receptor ISO (MGI:5503234|PMID:23785138) UniProt PMID:23785138 MGI:5503234 NCBI chrNW_004936490:12,038,500...12,057,257 JBrowse link
G Noct nocturnin ISO (MGI:4837993|PMID:20685873) UniProt PMID:20685873 MGI:4837993 NCBI chrNW_004936535:8,504,518...8,509,376 JBrowse link
G Npas2 neuronal PAS domain protein 2 ISO (MGI:3794495|PMID:18316400), (MGI:5518489|PMID:24048828), (MGI:6282961|PMID:29163035) UniProt PMID:18316400 PMID:24048828 PMID:29163035 MGI:3794495 MGI:5518489 MGI:6282961 NCBI chrNW_004936661:96,312...176,395 JBrowse link
G Nr0b2 nuclear receptor subfamily 0 group B member 2 ISO (MGI:6275703|PMID:25212631), (MGI:6282985|PMID:30555544) UniProt PMID:25212631 PMID:30555544 MGI:6275703 MGI:6282985 NCBI chrNW_004936474:11,316,857...11,319,669 JBrowse link
G Nr1d1 nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group D member 1 ISO (MGI:4429726|PMID:20159955) UniProt PMID:20159955 MGI:4429726 NCBI chrNW_004936490:15,206,194...15,213,858 JBrowse link
G Nrip1 nuclear receptor interacting protein 1 ISO (PMID:21628546)
PMID:21628546 MGI:5586794 NCBI chrNW_004936505:7,886,327...7,966,969 JBrowse link
G Ogt O-linked N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) transferase ISO (MGI:5495336|PMID:23395176) UniProt PMID:23395176 MGI:5495336 NCBI chrNW_004936762:99,335...137,833 JBrowse link
G Per1 period circadian regulator 1 ISO (PMID:18411297), (PMID:24005054)
PMID:15888647 PMID:18411297 PMID:20159955 PMID:24005054 MGI:3578039 MGI:4429726 NCBI chrNW_004936595:1,366,883...1,382,138 JBrowse link
G Per2 period circadian regulator 2 ISO (MGI:4429726|PMID:20159955)
(MGI:1935010|PMID:11395012), (MGI:4410390|PMID:19917250), (MGI:5319572|PMID:22504074)
UniProt PMID:11395012 PMID:19917250 PMID:20159955 PMID:22504074 MGI:1935010 MGI:4410390 MGI:4429726 MGI:5319572 NCBI chrNW_004936525:221,601...263,284 JBrowse link
G Pml PML nuclear body scaffold ISO (MGI:5314433|PMID:22274616) UniProt PMID:22274616 MGI:5314433 NCBI chrNW_004936471:33,135,186...33,173,218 JBrowse link
G Ppara peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha ISO (MGI:4429726|PMID:20159955) UniProt PMID:20159955 MGI:4429726 NCBI chrNW_004936629:3,672,445...3,725,645 JBrowse link
G Ppargc1a PPARG coactivator 1 alpha ISO (MGI:3715412|PMID:17476214) UniProt PMID:17476214 MGI:3715412 NCBI chrNW_004936477:4,881,230...5,488,208 JBrowse link
G Ppp1ca protein phosphatase 1 catalytic subunit alpha ISO (MGI:5294280|PMID:21930935) UniProt PMID:21930935 MGI:5294280 NCBI chrNW_004936599:2,345,982...2,348,494 JBrowse link
G Ppp1cb protein phosphatase 1 catalytic subunit beta ISO (MGI:5294280|PMID:21930935) UniProt PMID:21930935 MGI:5294280 NCBI chrNW_004936493:3,981,364...4,002,083 JBrowse link
G Ppp1cc protein phosphatase 1 catalytic subunit gamma ISO (MGI:5294280|PMID:21930935) UniProt PMID:21930935 MGI:5294280 NCBI chrNW_004936558:3,631,794...3,651,754 JBrowse link
G Prkg2 protein kinase cGMP-dependent 2 ISO (MGI:3630244|PMID:12725729) MGI PMID:12725729 MGI:3630244 NCBI chrNW_004936749:900,208...991,891 JBrowse link
G Prmt5 protein arginine methyltransferase 5 ISO (MGI:5464222|PMID:23133559) UniProt PMID:23133559 MGI:5464222 NCBI chrNW_004936722:1,379,515...1,388,538 JBrowse link
G Rai1 retinoic acid induced 1 ISO (PMID:22578325)
PMID:22578325 MGI:5489969 NCBI chrNW_004936741:1,332,353...1,408,116 JBrowse link
G Relb RELB proto-oncogene, NF-kB subunit ISO (MGI:5574290|PMID:22894897) UniProt PMID:22894897 MGI:5574290 NCBI chrNW_004936706:1,569,603...1,596,831 JBrowse link
G Rora RAR related orphan receptor A ISO (MGI:5504349|PMID:22753030) UniProt PMID:22753030 MGI:5504349 NCBI chrNW_004936471:21,402,056...21,567,908 JBrowse link
G Rorc RAR related orphan receptor C ISO (MGI:5504349|PMID:22753030), (MGI:5582866|PMID:23723244) UniProt PMID:22753030 PMID:23723244 MGI:5504349 MGI:5582866 NCBI chrNW_004936580:1,997,640...2,020,649 JBrowse link
G Sirt1 sirtuin 1 ISO (PMID:18662546)
(MGI:3807721|PMID:18662546), (MGI:3843127|PMID:19299583)
PMID:18662546 PMID:19299583 MGI:3807721 MGI:3843127 NCBI chrNW_004936521:10,296,097...10,316,673 JBrowse link
G Top1 DNA topoisomerase I ISO (PMID:22904072) UniProtKB PMID:22904072 NCBI chrNW_004936561:641,451...723,323 JBrowse link
G Usp2 ubiquitin specific peptidase 2 ISO (MGI:5607210|PMID:23213472), (MGI:5908516|PMID:26756164) UniProt PMID:23213472 PMID:26756164 MGI:5607210 MGI:5908516 NCBI chrNW_004936542:4,284,243...4,310,545 JBrowse link
G Zfhx3 zinc finger homeobox 3 ISO (MGI:5660827|PMID:26232227) UniProt PMID:26232227 MGI:5660827 NCBI chrNW_004936475:21,005,242...21,235,992 JBrowse link
G Zpbp2 zona pellucida binding protein 2 ISO (MGI:6364050|PMID:31560728) MGI PMID:31560728 MGI:6364050 NCBI chrNW_004936490:15,029,447...15,038,046 JBrowse link

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 12031
    multicellular organismal process 6231
      circadian regulation of gene expression 64
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 12031
    biological regulation 8821
      regulation of biological process 8357
        regulation of metabolic process 4986
          regulation of macromolecule metabolic process 4550
            regulation of gene expression 3411
              circadian regulation of gene expression 64
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